Danny fernandez dating girlicious

Fernandes dated former Girlicious and Girls United singer Nichole Cordova.

At 16, Danny Fernandes won two consecutive Rising Star awards in the annual CNE dance contest held at Cherrytree Public School located in Brampton, Ontario, near Toronto.

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Robin thought Tiffanie wouldn't fit in with the new style/direction that they were going for. Now there are only 3 members of Girlicious, Nichole, Natalie and Chrystina. He has a younger brother named Jonathan and they are both the younger brothers of Canadian artist Shawn Desman (born Shawn Fernandes).He also is a cousin to another Canadian singer Tyler Medeiros, whose signed to Danny's former record label CP records.well, rumors have been going on about the two good friends, that they are dating, he has invited her to many parties with him, and alot of the paparrazi are wondering, and or waiting for a kiss.kiss yet, they say that maybe nichole and Danny keep their relationship a secret, but some say no their not dating, as a matter of fact she is starred in the Danny fernandez hit, "fantasy," although they mightt seem real close does not mean they have to be dating.If their dating that would make a good cuople, i belive yes, yes they are dating.

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